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5 Pretty Products We’re Pining After

We’re encouraged not to judge books by their covers. Products, on the other hand, are designed with judgy beauty junkies in mind. Whimsical wrapping is just as likely to land a lipstick in our shopping cart as a glowing review.  Go ahead, call us shallow.

Feast Your Eyes

Laqa&Co. Gold Fleck Manicure Pen, $16

Arts & Crafts

The two-sided pen applicator means catering to your artistic side doesn't result in major spillage.  And that print-happy box it comes in? It's literally a work of art: each one is designed by an up-and-coming artist.     

Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2014 Cases, $10

Blink And They're Gone

These limited edition, completely customizable compacts are inspired by Paul & Joe's Spring 2014 collection. The kitty print might just be the cutest thing to ever grace your makeup bag. 

Korres Luxury Body Butter trio, $39

Three's A Charm

What's the only thing better than a luxe body butter swathed in a photorealistic floral tube? 3 luxe body butters swathed in 3 different photorealistic floral tubes, that's what.

Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer, $95

The Golden Ticket

This gemstone-inspired compact -- containing a luminescent highlighting powder -- is almost too gorgeous to use. Almost.

Make New Medieval Palette, $40

Painter's Palette

Not for the faint of heart, this matte eye shadow/lip color pairing is more akin to a moody abstract painting than a makeup palette.

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