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Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Body Lotion

Amore the Pacific? So do we! However, there is unfortunately such a thing as too much ocean—overexposure to the big blue’s elements can cause quite the problem for your pores. The result? Dehydrated, dull and damaged skin—also known as disaster! We know what you’re thinking, what a damper on one of the main delights of summer! Not to fear, Zoe Reporters, Amore Pacific’s Vitalizing Body Lotion can put that blissful bounce back in your sand-stepping!

Infused with a time-released formula for optimal hydration, this lustrous lotion restores radiance and firmness continuously for an all-day glow. Just apply once a day to enjoy 24-hour beauteous benefits. With bamboo sap extracts and amino acid complex, Amore Pacific’s marvelous moisturizer reveals a youthful, gorgeous glimmer that will complement any beachy getup. So there you have it, you’re free to frolic in the ocean all summer with the power of the pacific on your side!

Availability: Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Body Lotion ($100). For additional information, visit

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