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You Can Now Add Rose Gold Glitter To Your Prosecco, Because Why TF Not?

Let us upgrade you.

I'm 26 And Obsessed With Frozen, And I'm Not Afraid To Admit It

Zero shame.

Beyoncé Starts A Scholarship Program For "Bold, Creative" Women, Cements Our Love For Her

Empowering creativity.

Watch Jeremiah Brent Give This Beach Bungalow A Gorgeous Update

Subtle but effective.

Millennial Pink Home Decor

21 Millennial Pink Things For Your Home You'll Be Obsessed With

We can’t even.

Dreaming Of Living In Marilyn Monroe's House? Now You Can


5 Things You Need To Remove From Your Home ASAP

They’ve got to go.

Why I Wish They Would Stop Remaking Perfect Movies

Dirty Dancing is the latest in the line of unnecessary remakes.

8 Actually Delicious Trader Joe's Dinners You Can Prep In 10 Minutes Or Less

Dinner is served.

Monk Fruit Extract

There’s A New (Healthy) Hack For Sweetening All Your Favorite Things


The One Thing You Didn't Know You Should Keep In Your Shower

The benefits are crazy good.

Jordyn Woods Body Positivity

This Model's Genius Advice On Staying Confident (Even When Things Are Tough)

“Individuality is our greatest gift.”

Kayla Itsines Diet Daily

Here's Exactly What Kayla Itsines Eats In A Day

Carbs are involved!

Introducing The Kids' Collection Both You And Your Little Ones Will Love

Coolest kids on the playground.

Spice Girls Reunion

The Spice Girls Are Reuniting, Everybody Stay Calm

Here’s the story from A to Z.

Dolce & Gabbana Smeg Kitchen Collaboration

Dolce & Gabbana Designed The Chicest Kitchenware, And We're Freaking Out

Start saving now.

The New Starbucks Frappuccino Is Freaking Me Out

OTT at its finest.

4 Things Madonna Could Do With Basil Instead Of Bathing In It

Another day, another wacky celebrity wellness tip.

Online Dating Study

Why You Should Let A Stranger Choose Your Online Dating Profile Picture

For reals.

The Keepers Netflix Lead

This Netflix Series Is Here To Fill The "Making A Murderer"-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Cancel your plans.

How Jeremiah Brent Turns A Bachelor Pad Into A Couple's Abode

From bachelor pad to shared space.

Pool Float Shay Mitchell

The Pool Floats You'll See On Your Instagram Feed All Summer

Swans and unicorns and avocados, oh my!

6 Decor Trends That Will Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Never leaving.

Katy Perry Vogue

The Thing Katy Perry Wishes More Celebs Would Do

The pop icon and political activist doesn’t hold back.

Avocado Helps Metabolic Syndrome

Best News Ever: Researchers Say To Eat Avocado Every Day

Thanks, science.

The Best Exercises To Sculpt Your Legs, Straight From A Ballerina

On pointe.

How One Round Of Antibiotics Nearly Ruined My Life

One editor’s tale.

This Genius Idea Will Change The Way You Paint Your Home

Lightbulb moment.

Pippa Middleton Wedding Date

Pippa Middleton (Finally!) Confirms Her Wedding Date, And You Need To Know Who’s In The Bridal Party

Cue the wedding bells.

No Bake Energy Bites Healthy Recipe

No-Bake Berry Coco Energy Bites

Easy and healthy.

Kitchen Gadgets Amazon

8 Wacky Kitchen Gadgets—With Surprisingly Great Reviews—You Can Buy On Amazon

Weird but useful?

Miry's List Syrian Refugees

How You Can Help Syrian Refugees Right Now

In light of the terrible events of this week.

Jonathan Adler Lead

Jonathan Adler Shares The 5 Pieces That Instantly Elevate Your Space

One is “like lemon sorbet for the home.”

Healthy Lunch Recipes

5 Office-Approved Healthy Lunch Recipes That Won’t Make You Sad

No salads here.

Bathroom Decor Trends

The 4 Bathroom Decor Trends You Need To Know About, According To An Expert

Elevate your space.

Girlboss Trailer

The First Girlboss Trailer Is Here, And We’re Ready To Binge-Watch All The Episodes

Britt Robertson is one nasty gal.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Women Who Are Always Running Late

The most important meal of the day.

The Truth About 5 Of The Trendiest Diets

The experts weigh in.

The 11-Minute Kendall Jenner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Quick and effective.

Stop Everything: The Big Little Lies Soundtrack Is Finally Coming

Brb, marking our calendars.


7 Things All Punctual Women Do

How to avoid being late, the stylish way.

Miansai Screw Cuff

Watch How This Fashion-Girl Bracelet Is Made

Minds = blown.

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