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This Decor Trend Is Blowing Up—Here's How To Shop It At Target

To the max.

The Best Pics From Beyoncé's Baby Shower

Peek inside the Carter Push Party.

The Internet Swears By This Weird Insomnia Remedy

No, it’s not melatonin.

6 Unexpected (And Stunning) Ways To Decorate With Marble


Pippa Middleton Wedding Date

Pippa Middleton’s Official Wedding Theme Sounds Like So Much Fun

Haggis, anyone?

Roses Under $20

The $20-And-Under Rosés We'll Be Drinking All Summer


What A Celebrity Interior Designer Would Buy At Ikea

Celeb style on a budget.


PSA: You Can Now Have Alcoholic Ice Pops Delivered To Your Door

BRB, stocking up for summer.

8 Ways To Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Backyard Retreat

So dreamy.

Licorice Root Extract

The Unexpected Thing That Majorly Boosted My Energy

Better than coffee.

I Gave Up Coffee For A Week Because I'm Insane

A harrowing tale.

I Love Dick Jill Soloway Interview

This May Be The Most Relatable Show Ever, Here's Why

It’s a must-watch.

Swineapple BBQ Recipe

This Is The Biggest Food Trend For Summer—And It's Not What You'd Expect

We’re confused but intrigued.

FODMAP Intolerance Symptoms

Your Gluten Intolerance May Actually Be This

Big, if true.

5 Stunning Summer Centerpiece Ideas To Steal From Gwyneth Paltrow's Florist

Flower power.

Pippa Middleton Just Started A New Wedding Trend With This Crazy Rule For Her Guests

Please, no.

8 Super-Chic Entertaining Essentials You Can Find At TJ Maxx

Adds to cart.

The Horrifying Ingredient That's Hiding In Your Rosé

Is nothing sacred?!

Why I Feel Kinda Weird About My Obsession With Emmanuel Macron And Brigitte Trogneux

There’s one thing in particular…

Everything We Know About Salt Is (Probably) A Lie

Where’s Salt Bae?

You're About To See This Healthy Breakfast Trend All Over Instagram

Low-carb and delish.

Science Says Drinking Red Wine Is Good For Your Gut Health, Too

We’ll drink to that!

This Is The New Avocado Toast—And It's So Easy To Make

So much yum.

Caffeine Bagel

Caffeinated Bagels Are Here To Make Mornings Less Terrible

Yes, please.

Here's A Recipe For Taco-Stuffed Avocados, Just In Time For Cinco De Mayo

*Makes for breakfast, lunch and dinner*

The New Antiaging Superfood You Should Be Eating Every Day

Is kale’s reign coming to an end?

These Are The Snacks Nutritionists Actually Buy At Trader Joe's

Surprise: Cookies made the list.

So You Really Shouldn't Go Gluten-Free Unless You Have Celiac Disease, According To A New Study

Pass the bread!

You're Going To Be Seeing A Lot More Of Kate Middleton

Here’s why.

7 Mouthwatering Margarita Recipes To Sip All Summer Long

The best (margarita) you’ve ever had.

Selena Gomez And The Weeknd

The Cutest Celebrity Couples From The 2017 Met Gala


Mother's Day Activities

5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Mom

Treat her to something special.

Whole Foods Breakfast Pizza

This Is The Day You Should Shop At Whole Foods If You Want To Save Money

This changes everything.

5 Healthy Dinner Recipes Literally Anyone Can Make

Cooking skills not required.

Compartes Avocado Chocolate Bar

An Avocado Chocolate Bar Finally Exists, Takes Our Obsession To The Next Level

Dreams do come true.

Shay Mitchell Cocktail

5 Cocktail Recipes You Can Make In A Pitcher

Perfect for entertaining.

Hanging A Stunning Gallery Wall, Demystified

It’s easier than you think!

You Have To See Ikea's Sassy Response To That Balenciaga Tote

You know the one we’re talking about.

You Can Now Add Rose Gold Glitter To Your Prosecco, Because Why TF Not?

Let us upgrade you.

I'm 26 And Obsessed With Frozen, And I'm Not Afraid To Admit It

Zero shame.

Beyoncé Starts A Scholarship Program For "Bold, Creative" Women, Cements Our Love For Her

Empowering creativity.

Watch Jeremiah Brent Give This Beach Bungalow A Gorgeous Update

Subtle but effective.

Millennial Pink Home Decor

21 Millennial Pink Things For Your Home You'll Be Obsessed With

We can’t even.

Dreaming Of Living In Marilyn Monroe's House? Now You Can


5 Things You Need To Remove From Your Home ASAP

They’ve got to go.

Why I Wish They Would Stop Remaking Perfect Movies

Dirty Dancing is the latest in the line of unnecessary remakes.

8 Actually Delicious Trader Joe's Dinners You Can Prep In 10 Minutes Or Less

Dinner is served.

Monk Fruit Extract

There’s A New (Healthy) Hack For Sweetening All Your Favorite Things


The One Thing You Didn't Know You Should Keep In Your Shower

The benefits are crazy good.

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