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Mandy Moore Accidentally Met Her Future Husband On Instagram

A modern love story.

7 Times Britney Spears' Instagram Was Too Good For This World

Gimme more.

Amazon Prime's New Delivery Service Is Low-Key Terrifying

Who asked for this?

These Are The Most Googled Halloween Costumes This Year

We honestly didn’t expect number five.

Apparently Prince Harry Has Never Eaten This Classic Food, And TBH, We're A Little Weirded Out

We have questions.

Blake Lively Just Posted The Most Hilarious Tribute To Ryan Reynolds For His Birthday


Okay, Kendall Jenner's New $8.55 Million Mansion Is Insanely Lavish

You NEED to see the pictures.

Justin Timberlake Serenaded Jessica Biel For Their Anniversary And We Are Not Okay

No, YOU’RE crying.

This Video Of Kendall Jenner And Kourtney Kardashian Tipsy At A Wine Tasting Is Literally Us

Girl, we’ve been there.

Successful Women Do These Things Every Morning

Get inspired.

This Is The Best Jarred Pasta Sauce, According To Chefs

Only buying this from now on.

5 Quick And Easy Pasta Recipes For Busy Nights

Give us all the carbs.

Nicole Kidman Gets Hilariously Flustered Defending Her Emmys Kiss With Alexander Skarsgård


Spencer Pratt, Crystal Enthusiast, Just Totally Shaded Lauren Conrad

The drama is here and so am I.

Kate Middleton Dancing With Paddington Bear Will Vastly Improve Your Monday

There’s a video!

The One Food You Should Never Eat, According To A Celeb Trainer

Why though???

Southwest Is Offering Cheap Flights To Hawaii, And We're Like BRB

Grab the sunscreen!

The Smoothie Recipe Jessica Alba Swears By For Clear Skin

And it looks delicious!

How To DIY A Gallery Wall

It’s all in the details.

My IUD Gave Me Hormonal Acne—Here's How I Keep It Under Control

A tale of cystic acne.

Everything You Need To Know About Stranger Things Season 2

Including the fate of Barb.

I Worked Out In Only A Sports Bra For The First Time Ever

One editor’s journey to body acceptance.

So Apparently Dakota Johnson And Jon Hamm Are Dating

Okay, we’re intrigued.

Miley And Liam Just Made A Rare Red-Carpet Appearance Together

And they were cuddling!

6 People Who Are Probably, Maybe Going To Replace Kim Cattrall If They Make Sex And The City 3

Whose idea was this?

Ikea Just Launched A Pet Collection And It's Too Much

We’re obsessed.

This Is The Best Way To Break Up With Someone, According To Science

How to make it less painful.

The Coolest Fitness Gear Our Editors Are Buying This Month

Those Target leggings though.

This LA Designer Just Launched The Chicest, Coziest Home Decor Collection

Here’s what to buy.

How To Go Vegetarian (The Healthy Way)

Bye, meat.

They're Remaking Hocus Pocus, And I Am Not Okay With It

No one asked for this. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Just Revealed She Has Breast Cancer

She shared the news on Twitter.

This Trend Is About To Replace Pumpkin Spice For Fall

Get ready, this is happening.

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes' Daughter Just Made A Rare Appearance—And She Is Adorable

Little cutie.

Kate Hudson's Hack For Dealing With Anxiety Is So Relatable

Such good advice.

Heidi Klum's Most Over-The-Top Halloween Costumes, Ever

A retrospective.

You Should Really Wash Your Towels More, Says Science

They’re so much dirtier than you think.

Hangover Anxiety Is Real—Here's What You Need To Know

Meet hangxiety, one of the worst hangover symptoms.

7 Healthy Dinner Recipes Literally Anyone Can Make

Cooking skills not required.

Lady Gaga And Beyoncé Are Total Friendship Goals

Beyoncé just sent Gaga the sweetest get-well present.

Fixer Upper Is Ending After This Season And We're Sobbing

We’re not okay.

10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Women Who Are Always Running Late

The most important meal of the day.

I Did A Whole30 And Lived To Tell The Tale

Here’s how I survived.

5 Healthy Work Lunches That Are So Easy To Make

Bye, sad desk lunch.

5 Products You Need To Remove From Your Pantry ASAP

Seriously, get rid of them.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Products Are Finally Here, And We're Freaking Out

Take our money.

The OG Supermodels Reunited On The Versace Runway And It Was Everything


This Is Going To Replace Our Mariah Carey Christmas Music Obsession

Gwen Stefani is dropping a Christmas album.

PSA: There's A Rosé All Day Festival, And We're Going Full VIP

Fall may be starting tomorrow, September 22, at 4:02pm, but that’s not stopping us from drinking our favorite summer wine. It’s called rosé. You may ...

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