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It was nuts.

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Truly unbelievable.

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The Fashion Girl's Guide To Venice, Italy

Marta Pozzan shares her favorite places in this magical city.

PSA: Tina Fey Is Serving Cheese Fries In NYC Right Now For Mean Girls Day

We needed this smile today.

You Can Get 2-For-1 Flights To Europe Right Now For $324

It’s a good time to get away.

Ikea's New Collection Is Its Most Versatile Yet

Now THIS is an exciting collaboration!

Meet The Millennial Currently Inspiring Our EIC, Rachel Zoe (And Making Us Cry!)

Our hero.

The Home Decor You Should Probably Ditch By 30

Consider these strong suggestions.

Rachel Zoe's 2 Favorite Vegetarian Recipes

They’re so easy

7 Times You Absolutely Should Not Text

You know better. Or do you?

David Beckham Gave His Daughter Her First Soccer Lesson, And The Videos Are Everything


10 Habits Of All Happy Girls

Adopt these now.

8 High-Paying Jobs That Actually Sound Amazing

You don’t have to suffer to make money.

9 Ways To Cure Your Anxiety Forever

From someone who actually knows.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Better Than Ever On Her First Magazine Cover In Two Years

This is the girl we know and love!

How Successful Couples Keep The Spark Alive Over Time

The science behind mating for life.

7 Types Of People You Should Have In Your Life By 30

Squad goals.

How To Take The Perfect Coffee Selfie

You know you want to.

Prince Harry Is Going To Be The Cutest Dad Ever, And This Photo Proves It

Our ovaries hurt.

How To Be A Happier Couple, According To Experts

8 healthy habits you can adopt now.

This Is How Hard It Is To Get Pregnant At Every Age

When should you be worried?

TV Is Officially Killing You, Says Science


3 Fall-Perfect Weekend Trips For Less Than $500

The best unexpected escapes on a budget.

8 Forgotten Reality TV Shows To Binge-Watch ASAP

When quality is not the order of the day.

The Best Fall 2017 Home Decor Trends, According To Interior Designers

Parisian Art Deco, greenery, bold velvets and more.

Target's New Mid-Century Modern Collection Is Here, And We Are Living For It

You are going to want all of it.

Sushi Is Scary Again, Research Says

Because we can’t have nice things.

I Don't Follow Trends

Sometimes people make fun of me, but I don’t care.

The Emmy Moments Everyone On The Internet Is Losing It Over

We are living for Jane Fonda right now.

Mandy Moore Gushes Over Her Engagement Ring At The Emmys


11 Things Rich People Do Differently

Money is in the mind.

7 New Trader Joe's Fall Products To Buy This Weekend

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9 Foods You Didn't Know Could Make You Look Younger

Forever-young foods.

These Are The 10 Most Anxiety-Free Cities In The World

Literally none of them are in the U.S.

The One Thing Jessica Alba Does To Relax That You Can Do Too

Her favorite anxiety antidote is so easy.

Affordable Online Classes That Will Advance Your Career

It’s back-to-school time for adults, too.

Selena Gomez Secretly Got A Kidney Transplant, And Her Instagram Reveal Made Us Cry

If this photo doesn’t make you cry, you’re dead inside.

Mandy Moore Is Reportedly Engaged To Musician Taylor Goldsmith

Girlfriend loves her music men.

7 Signs It's Time To Break Up With Social Media

Consider this an intervention.

Behati Prinsloo And Adam Levine Are Expecting Baby #2

They announced it in the cutest way, too!

Whoa, This Is How Much Vacation Time We're Spending On Social Media

It’s kind of sad, actually.

OMG, This Company Finds The Best Wine For You Based On Your DNA

We are here for this.

The Most Compatible Sign For You, According To An Astrologist

Birthday sex.

It's Okay To Have A Drink Or Two While Pregnant, Science Says

Abstinence might still be safest, though.

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