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The First HomeSense, The New Store From HomeGoods, Is Now Open

Huge news!

PSA: Hershey's Is Opening A Spa And There Is Chocolate Involved

This is the retreat of our dreams.

If You're "A Charlotte," You Might Want To Hit Up This Ralph Lauren Home Sale

The last item in this roundup is the best.

3 Epic Toast Recipes That Make Avocado Toast Look Lame

The meal anyone can make.

These Are The 10 Best Places To Grow Old, For Those Of You Ready To Give Up Already

And no, “over 30” isn’t old.

Grab A Friend Or Lover—Flights To Greece Are 2 For 1 Right Now

Hurry, this deal ends tomorrow.

Yes, You Can Go Blind—7 Things To Know About Monday's Solar Eclipse

Also, your dog might panic.

The Workouts You Shouldn't Be Doing, According To Experts


You Can Now See Unlimited Movies In The Theater For $10 Per Month

You remember theaters, right?

It Girl Brianna Lance Shares Her Daily At-Home Workout

Bend it like Brianna.

New Study Says 1 In 5 Of Us Works In A Hostile Environment


Unhappiness Might Make You Happy, Study Says

Grumps, rejoice!

The Cheap Flights To Hawaii We Promised Have Officially Arrived

Phew, good news is still a thing.

Trader Joe's Now Offers Another Alternative To LaCroix

All the flavors.

The Best Career For You, Based On Your Horoscope

Time for a change?

12 Ways To Get Cheap Plane Tickets In 2017

Oh, the places you’ll go.

The Story Of Diana Is Hard To Watch, And Here's Why

Sad, but worthwhile.

Everything You Know About Trader Joe's Is A Lie

But, like, a good one.

The Internet Is Losing It Over These Affordable Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Decorate like a French girl, on a budget.

Kate Moss' Home Is As Incredible As You Imagine It To Be

Of course her bathroom is inspired by dusk.

Pottery Barn Just Launched The Cutest Collaboration With Our Favorite Design Duo

Playful but understated.

This Simple Thing May Prevent Miscarriages, New Research Says

This is HUGE.

So, Are Our Moscow Mules Killing Us Or Not?

Say it ain’t so.

Angie And Brad Are Having An "It's Complicated" Moment, And We're Here For It

Love is messy.

Researchers Link Female Weight Gain To A Single Hormone

Belly fat, begone.

Why Aren't More People Talking About Fennel?

All the health benefits, plus recipes.

The Simple And Affordable Health Hack That Changed My Life

The carefree girl’s guide to wellness.

The Weird Way Instagram Helps To Diagnose Depression

It’s more accurate than doctors, too.

Wait, What Is "Overfat," And Why Is It A Thing?

Should we actually worry about this?

5 Morning Recipes That Eliminate The Afternoon Slump

Donuts sadly not included.

10 Tips For Decorating Your Home Like A French Girl

Oui love these.

12 Insane Airbnb Homes To Rent With Friends

Must. Book. ASAP.

My Boyfriend Made Me Wait For Sex

What gives?

I Get My Style Inspo From Toddlers On Instagram

Is that weird?

The Standard Hotel Just Installed A Phone Booth That Dials Directly To DC

Wait, this is incredible.

Here's How To Get Ocean-Front Suites In Hawaii For Half-Off Right Now

The last-minute Labor Day plans of your dreams.

9 Genius Health Hacks You Didn't Know Were A Thing

Be healthier in a heartbeat.

7 Ingredients You Didn't Know You Should Be Adding To Your Coffee

You’re definitely not up on these yet.

Your Kitchen Sponge Is As Nasty As You Think It Is—More So, In Fact

You can’t not read this.

If You Loved Gone Girl, Watch This

So creepy.

The Top 10 Baby Names Of 2017 (So Far) Are Freaking Adorable

Now we just need a baby!

The Queen Has 4 Cocktails Per Day, Including A Martini Lunch

She’s 91, so we consider this health advice.

This Genius Exercise Bike Shuts Off Netflix If You Slow Down Or Stop

We need this.

Time Is Officially More Valuable Than Money, Says Science

Outsource everything.

7 Super-Luxe Trips To Take Before You Die

We want to go to there.

A Sweet Valley High Movie Is Coming, And It's Got Legally Blonde Talent Attached

Is it sad that we can’t wait?

7 Places To Visit In 2017 Before It's Too Late


A Zara Documentary Is In The Works, And We Can’t Wait

You’ll want to see this.

The Most Epic Beach Vacations To Take Before The End Of The Year

Barefoot dreams.

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