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This Is How Often You Should Trim Your Hair If You're Trying To Grow It Out

Snip, snip.

The Fit-For-A-Royal Workout That Gives Meghan Markle Immediate Results

Ever since the royal family announced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, the world has been clamoring for more of Markle. We know the Suits actress, philanthropist and ...

Here's Exactly How Long To Keep Your Beauty Products

You’ll be surprised.

The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare, According To Dermatologists

Make THIS your skincare regimen.

The 10 Items In Whole Foods' Trend Forecast Paint 2018 Super Healthy

New Year, New Diet.

How A Top Dermatologist Would Spend $100 On Beauty Products

People in the beauty industry get tons of goods to test out, so when someone spends their own money on something that they’ve run out ...

Avocados Are Cheapest On This Day Of The Week

It’s worth the wait.

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The 5 Most Common Relationship Problems, According To Therapists

Stop squabbling over the little things.

Why Your Melatonin Supplement Could Be Messing Up Your Body's Clock

Know the difference for better sleep.

This Diet Change Could Help You Grow Out Your Hair For Winter

Plant-based what?

Here's What Your Sleep Position Might Mean For Your Health

Knowledge is power.

I Drank 16 Ounces Of Water Every Morning For A Week—Here's What I Learned

The benefits are real.

running or cycling which is better for you

Which Workout Is Better For You: Running Or Spinning?

You’ll be surprised by these results.

The Best Way To Manage Stress For Your Personality Type

Now this is some accurate advice.

The Affordable Ingredient Celebs Swear By For Staying Healthy

Get glowing like a celebrity!

The Truth About Almond And Peanut Butter, According To Nutritionists

Which one will come out on top?

Is It Better For Your Health To Shower In The Morning Or At Night?

Both have benefits.

6 Healthy Snacks Khloé Kardashian Swears By

These grab and go snacks that are equally delish.

4 Steps To Clear, Radiant Skin, According To Traditional Chinese Medicine

Get the healthy glow.

What The Creator Of "The Rachel" Cut Wishes Everyone Knew About Styling Their Hair

These tips are definitely game-changers.

And The Most Stressed-Out City In America Is...

You wouldn’t believe what cities made the list.

7 Healthy Snacks That Wellness CEOs Keep At Work

These snacks will keep you going throughout the day.

The Best Ways To Use Trader Joe's Cauliflower Pizza Crust

So good.

I Drank A Shot Of Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning For A Week—Here's What Happened

The results will surprise you.

How To Pick The Right Holistic Healer For You

The new generation of wellness.

The One Ingredient Olivia Wilde Always Puts In Her Morning Smoothie

Olivia Wilde Actress, model, producer, and activist I wasn’t a morning person until I had kids—then you have to be a morning person because the action ...

starbucks iced coffee well and good

Why Your Iced Coffee From Starbucks Might Be A Lot Stronger This Year

The secret to a perfect cold brew.

The 6-Ingredient Salad Tracy Anderson Swears By

Easy and delish.


3 Things You Should Always Get Checked By A Dermatologist

Beauty mark or potentially dangerous mole? Here’s when to call an MD.

7 Meal-Prep Staples Everyone Should Stock Up On

7 ingredients that make meal-prep a breeze.

Coffee Pastries

The Surprising Lessons I Learned From Eating Like A Frenchwoman For A Week

If chic Parisian women can enjoy rich foods on the reg, why can’t I?

This Secret Starbucks Matcha Drink Is Taking Over Instagram

Trading in cold brew for a customized matcha drink asap.

acai bowl morning people eat healthier

Do Morning People Have Healthier Eating Habits?

A new study has some interesting intel on how your rise-and-shine time affects your mealtime decision making.

Is Coffee Actually Good For You?

All of your pressing java-related questions.

Yes, It's Possible To Make $400,000 A Year As A Yoga Teacher

Here’s how.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Insanely Cool New Tracy Anderson-Gwyneth Paltrow Studio

It’s GOOD.

How Much Turmeric Should You Actually Be Taking?

Experts weigh in.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's Simple Hack For An Instant Mood Boost

Hint: Prepare to spice up your wardrobe.

How To Find A Date At The Gym

I Tried To Find A Date At The Gym—Here's What Happened

It’s not easy!

The Tastiest Whole30-Friendly Meals You Can Make In Under 30 Minutes

No quinoa? No problem.

Money Savers 2017

Want More Cash In 2017? Try This Holistic "Money Cleanse"

Make your financial life a whole lot healthier.

Can Going Paleo Make You Sick?

Three important facts you should read now.

The Buzzy Wellness Practice Kate Middleton De-Stresses With

The Duchess of Cambridge has been reported to be a fan of this.

How To Let Go Of Envy And Be Happy With What You Have

Festive-season FOMO is real—but one expert says with the right tools, you can spin it into something positive.

The Workout-Detox Combo That Jennifer Aniston Swears By

To call Jennifer Aniston a beauty influencer would be an understatement.

The Brilliant (And Healthy!) 15-Minute Dinner Recipes You'll Want To Make Every Night

10 ways to eat smart—without cutting into your social (okay, and work) life.

Jennifer Lopez's Go-To Butt-Targeting Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

Meet the man who keeps J.Lo sweating—and looking amazing.

Why Drinking Vinegars Are Set To Be Fall's Buzziest Wellness Beverage

Think of them as the sexed-up, super-tasty version of your morning apple cider vinegar shot.

What's Your Gut Type (And How Is It Affecting Your Health)?

Natural medicine doc and nutritionist Josh Axe outlines it for you.

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