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What’s Hot: Baja East

Photo: Patrick Klinc

Loose luxury—now there’s a concept we can get behind. The new label, Baja East, is blurring the lines between men’s and women’s apparel with a collection of the richest, most decadent sportswear ever. Created by Scott Studenberg and John Targon, formerly in sales at Celine and Lanvin, the two brought some big-league experience to their new addictive range. “Our past jobs put us in stores all over the globe where we saw a huge opportunity in the luxury market,” the duo told Team Zoe. “We developed an obsession with luxurious fabrics and started designing shapes we loved in them that could easily be worn by guys and girls.” They knew they were onto something when they’d created styles that they wore and their girl friends wanted—and who could blame them?

Drawing on their experience, the designers wanted to give women what they’d been asking for. Superthick, wear-anywhere crewneck? Check! Calf boxer pants? Check! “They always wanted to look cool and still feel comfortable from a cozy beach night in Malibu to browsing galleries in London,” the duo said. The slouchy bodies that feel organic and unfinished reflect this “go anywhere” attitude. Manufactured entirely in the U.S., the collection can be layered together seamlessly on women and men. And with unisex pieces this easy and fabrics this indulgent, a few fashion fights may ensue.

Click through for a preview of the first Baja East collection, available at Barneys stores and in February. 

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