The Zoe Report

Holiday Glow

As evidenced more than ever before via our daily ZOE Beautiful newsletter, we have a serious weakness for extravagant cosmetics. The latest luxury to strike our fancy comes in the form of a silky loose powder packaged within a dazzling perfume bottle by Guerlain. One spray of this scented angelic shimmer and you will be hooked.

Always a go-to for our holiday beauty needs, lavish French label Guerlain indulges our makeup minds with the most divine products. Inspired by and subtly infused with their Vol de Nuit fragrance, this limited-edition powder is fit for a glamour queen, creating an iridescent veil with every use. To make a lasting impression at your next festive fête, might we suggest donning a lace dress, bow pumps and glossy polish, then dusting yourself with a touch of Guerlain’s ethereal dust for an all-over radiance? You’ll be the beaming belle of the ball.

Availability: Guerlain Vol de Nuit Powder Spray ($87). For additional information, visit

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