This French-Girl Hairstyle Is Trending On Pinterest, And We’re Obsessed With It

When it comes to plotting our next haircut, we prepare for the chop with tons of inspiration in hand. And when it’s time to narrow things down to one look, we turn to the mecca of all things inspiring: Pinterest. (You know you do it, too.) If you’ve ever wondered which cut every other beauty junkie out there is searching for, we just discovered the latest look to make the rounds, and it’s good—really good. Pinterest confirms that the search for curtain bangs is up 600%, and now we’re actually considering booking an appointment with our stylist. So, what are curtain bangs? You’ve seen them: cascading, parted-in-the-center French-girl fringe. Ahead, five curtain bangs to add to your Pinterest boards stat, including the original by blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot.

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