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The Beach-Babe Hair Hack Every Woman Should Be Using

When it comes to looking amazing on and off the sand, nobody has a more locked-in beauty routine than professional female surfers. As we learned from spending a day with hundreds of beach babes in Huntington Beach, California, for #RoxyFitness, every beauty junkie needs a few tricks up her rash-guard sleeves to overcome the sand, sun, sweat and saltwater. We tapped Roxy professional surfers Lisa Andersen and Bruna Schmitz for their go-to products and beachside beauty secrets for achieving sun-kissed skin, air-dried strands and an effortless back-from-the-beach vibe. And as it turns out, they even use the same perfect post-surf hair hack we can’t wait to try. Ahead, the best way to achieve California cool, no board required.

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