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6 Surprising Things I Learned At LA’s Annual Beautycon Festival

I first heard of Beautycon a few years ago as a college student, after some friends purchased tickets for the event in NYC. At the time, all I knew was that it involved an expo center filled with beauty brands displaying all the makeup and talking you up on how to use them. I’ll admit, I had no plans of being a beauty editor back then and wasn’t really that interested in makeup at all—hard to believe, I know.

Fast-forward a few years, and here I am with a media pass to cover the fifth Beautycon festival in Los Angeles. This time around, I’m both nervous and excited as I have a better idea of the magnitude of the event and feel a certain level of responsibility to bring my A-game (now that I’ve grown into a walking encyclopedia of all things hair and makeup). What I thought was going to be a convention center filled with makeup fanatics with fully contoured faces running around turned out to be so much more … and in the best way possible. Here, what I learned at Beautycon and how it ended up being a tremendously uplifting weekend as a beauty editor.

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