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How To Fake A Fancy Manicure

We’re not going to lie: We’ve Pinned our share of half-moon manicures and geometric nail art over the last few years, but let’s be real, the results don’t always translate once we attempt to accomplish these creative feats on our own time. (Sometimes it looks more like a child got a hold of our polish than it does actual nail art.) Besides, who has the time for that intricate of a paint job anyway? There are brunches to be feasted on, books to read, parties to attend and—truth be told—pedicures are our priority.

Good news for those of you who’ve been nodding your head as you read this: The mani gurus over at NCLA have launched an epic collection of 56 nail wraps in classic-but-cool designs even the most conservative among us can get down with. Here, a breakdown of the brand’s new Classics collection, available on starting today. Each design comes in 14 gorgeous colors and retails for a mere $16. Here’s to a year’s worth of fancy, on-trend manicures without any of the smudges—or even the salon time!

The Spike

The Half Moon 

nail-wraps-ncla-pastel-wideThe Orbit Ring 


The Stripe

Availability: NCLA Classic Nail Wraps, $16 each.

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