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Givenchy Made A Skincare Mask Out Of Lace And It’s Gorgeous


By now, every beauty junkie should be well-stocked with an arsenal of do-it-all sheet masks. Since coming onto the scene a couple years ago, we’ve seen every kind variation from snail-slime infused masks to ones made of seaweed but they all have one specific commonality: they’re not exactly glamorous. Thanks to Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir face mask (made of a lovely black lace) paper sheets are a thing of the past. But there’s just one tiny problem: This 4-pack of one-time-use sheets averages out to $83 per mask. While we love the occasional splurge, there are some things we prefer to save on. Here, see 4 lace sheet masks that you can get for fractions (and fractions) of the price.


Givenchy Le Soin Noir Face Mask

Parallel Universe

  • lace-sheet-masks

    Calming Chamomile Lace Sheet Mask



  • lace-sheet-mask

    Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet

    Banila Co.


  • korean-sheet-mask

    Brightening White Yogurt Lifting Lace Sheet Mask

    Pinkgo Girl


  • lace-eye-mask

    Abracadabra Lace Eye Mask

    Too Cool For School


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