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This Unexpected Ingredient Could Clear Up Your Skin

A seemingly endless list of products claim to be miraculous cure-alls for acne and purveyors of clear skin. Whether it’s a controversial drug like Accutane or a more natural spot-zapper like tea tree oil, different treatments work, to various extents, for different people—which is why we are continually seeking more information on up-and-coming ingredients that promise real results. Annie Tevelin, the founder of one of our favorite non-toxic skincare brands, SkinOwl, is an expert on a new, relatively under-the-radar substance (as it pertains to skincare) called mangosteen. With impressive anti-bacterial properties, mangosteen works on all skin types, but is especially useful for those with blemishes and oily skin, as it accurately balances pH and visibly reduces the appearance and frequency of breakouts. To learn more about this wonder ingredient, we got the scoop straight from Annie (who loves mangosteen so much, she created an entire product with it: Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM). Below, find out if the ingredient could work for you.

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