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These Are The Top Eye Creams For Fighting Dark Circles, According to Dermatologists

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As if everyone isn’t stressed enough by the prospect of long days and little sleep, there’s this: Dark circles, fine lines and puffiness show up to give away your calm, cool and collected vibes. And while you’d like to tell ’em to give it a rest already, the irony is so evident that you just go on about your day—eye bags intact.

The pros say that your under eyes are one of the first features on your face to show signs of aging, because the thin skin here doesn’t have as many oil glands. But the products to treat this issue are both confusing and pricey, so how do you parse out what’s what? Ask a dermatologist…or six. They suggest rich, emollient formulas with intense hydrating ingredients the likes of hyaluronic acid, nourishing ones like vitamin E, and even caffeine, which can help stimulate blood flow to the nix the bags.

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