Music Festival Style

20 Concert-going Favorites

Once upon a time, there was an indie music celebration held 125 miles east of LA in the great desert land known as Indio Valley. Not unlike Woodstock, this annual event would draw scenesters and band-aids by the masses to revel in fresh sounds and flaunt flower-child-like looks. Clearly, we could only be talking about Coachella. No strangers to the festival circuit, those of us at Team Zoe consider ourselves to be seasoned pros on the polo field, particularly when it comes to concert-going attire.

If so, then mouse on over to familiarize yourself with our 20 hippie-chic picks, encompassing everything from a daisy belted jumper to chartreuse-accented sandals and even on-the-go hair dye (Think: magic markers for your locks). Sound groovy? Shop the full selection now and you will shut it down for those style bloggers in Indio or (insert your music festival destination of choice here). Don’t forget to save us a spot in the Sahara tent and a slice of spicy pie pizza!

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P.S. Will you be rocking a music festival look? Send us a pic with hashtag #ZOECHELLA and we’ll post our favorite music mavens to our Tumblr!

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