Satisfy Our Soles

Cobra Society Printed Loafers

With the coldest winter months behind us, it’s time to swap out our frost-ready footwear for something a bit springier! In an effort to satisfy our soles, we’ve found that Cobra Society’s Printed Loafers are heavy hitters by being both pretty and pragmatic—read: buying immediately!

No stranger to the TZR spotlightCobra Society shoes are notorious for their striking tribal prints and fanciful color palettes. These woven cotton loafers boast a sleek suede trim for added sophistication—printed and polished, you betcha! If their vibrant design isn’t reason enough to rock them on the regular, the padded insole should seal the deal. Happy feet for spring, coming right up!


Availability: Cobra Society Printed Loafers ($495 each). For additional information, visit

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