Soap Up The Sun

COR The Silver Soap

Sun protection from a bar of soap? We admit, it’s a concept that had us raising our eyebrows at first, but after our first encounter with COR’s Silver Soap, we became quickly keen on the idea!

Conceived to enhance the power of your sunscreen lotion or spray, this spherical bar from COR’s New Zealand-born founder, Jennifer McKinley, cleanses, evens skin tone and reduces signs of aging, for starters. With key ingredients from silver to sericin—a soluble protein with SPF 15—pomegranate and jojoba, the benefits of incorporating it into your washing routine are boundless. Best complemented with a sunscreen lotion, toss COR’s soap-to-foam cleanser into your shower pronto and scrub-a-dub-dub daily!

Availability: COR The Silver Soap ($125). For additional information, visit

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