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How To Keep Your Glow In The Desert

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you occasionally indulge in the little things you can do to look and feel your best, whether it be perking up a blah hair day with a stylish accessory or going full Kim KW with a Vampire Facial. With festival season in full swing and many people making a beeline to Indio and Palm Springs, it’s the perfect time to focus the best accessory you can bring to the desert: a gorgeous glow. Even if you’re not clutching a sold-out Coachella ticket, any trip to the area inevitably includes a decided lack of clothing (it’s hot), so between the pool parties and — let’s be honest — photo ops dressed in your best desert vibes (fringe optional) you’ll want to be scrubbed, sprayed, blown out, braided or whatever else it takes for you to stay feeling fresh and glow-y regardless of how hot it is or how late you stayed up listening to Beyoncé — even if it was just in your hotel room. Below find our list of places in and around Coachella Valley t0 keep you looking good this festival season and beyond.

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