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3 Unexpected New Year’s Eve Trips That Will Make Your Friends So Jealous

Somehow, it’s already almost November (!?!)—cue panic over our as-of-yet non-existent New Year’s Eve plans. If you’re likewise freaking out about having zero clue as to what you’ll be doing when the ball drops on 2018, worry not. We’ve tapped Eva Dixon, cofounder of über-chic slow-travel company Godai Escapes to help you (us) come up with a pseudo last-minute plan for an end-of-year adventure. Her new company’s group escapes feature highly curated deep dives into the actual cultural (read: not touristy) aspects of some of the world’s trendiest destinations, with plans to expand into more off-the-beaten path locales in 2018. Here, her top three picks for a NYE trip you’ll never forget.

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