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The Cheapest Summer Destinations To Book Now

Everyone has that one friend who always seems to be at the most fabulous destinations despite earning paltry sums. If this person isn’t a blogger who gets all her vacations gratis, she’s probably just excellent at hacking her trips to be as cheap as possible. In the latter scenario, one of the best tips for experiencing 1%-level destinations is to visit them at off-peak times. According to Travel + Leisure, the best way to save on the trip of your dreams is to figure out when the hotels will be priced lower than normal—typically, this happens following a major holiday or big event (e.g. the US Open), or when weather isn’t so perfect. This editor once spent weeks in St. Barth’s, for example, in October, when it was quiet but beautiful (and affordable). Here, 24 places you can visit on a budget, this summer and beyond.

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