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How To Pack Light For Any Type Of Trip (But Still Have Everything You Need)

Nothing sends us into a tizzy quite like packing for a getaway—especially a short one. No matter how calmly and rationally we approach that innocent-looking suitcase, like clockwork, a fun cocktail of anxiety and paranoia washes over us. The same frantic questions run a marathon through our heads: What if it’s cold? What if it’s hot? Do I need to bring those heels? Should I pack a hat? 

The thing is, one doesn’t magically master the art of packing light. It’s a skill that comes with time, experience and good old-fashioned trial and error. But since we’re an impatient group, we’re getting to the bottom of it by asking a pro for answers. And with a successful luggage brand under her belt, as well as a passport that’s busier than Nordstrom on Black Friday, Jen Rubio knows her stuff. The co-founder of Away has packing down to a science—or a carry-on more specifically. Yes, Jen has learned to keep it light for any occasion and is kind enough to share her tips. Check out how she streamlines packing for any destination.

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