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Go Somewhere Everyone On Instagram Isn’t Going This Summer—Poland

I write a lot about travel, and because work is work no matter how cool-seeming your profession, these days it’s tough to get me excited about almost any destination. (I know, cue the tiny violins in my honor—eye roll, eye roll!) So, I was surprised when Eva Dixon, co-founder of slow travel retreat company Godai Escapes, was able to get me jazzed about an experience abroad I’d not really considered: a summertime visit to the countryside of her homeland, Poland.

Specifically, it’s what’s known as the Masurian Lake District, located about three hours by car from Warsaw, which Eva tells me is ripe for a visit, so much so that Godai plans to hold its next escape there this coming July. Since I love any sort of travel which feels hyper-local—and because I never really pictured water sports a part of any trip to Eastern Europe—she had my attention the moment she mentioned standup paddleboarding in a Polish lake after indulging in some quark. (More on that in a minute!)

Below, Eva shares her guide to this magically serene part of Poland as well as a few tips on Warsaw’s must-visit hotspots.


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