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5 Tips Every Anxious Traveler Needs To Know

Traveling is a uniquely anxiety-inducing experience—even if your destination is somewhere exciting, you can pretty much count on the journey to be stressful. So we turned to Jamie Price, wellness expert and co-founder of Stop, Breathe & Think, for her tips.

“Travel anxiety has a way of reinforcing itself through an ongoing feedback loop of thoughts and feelings. It often begins with a general feeling of worry and unease, which sets off a chain of thoughts,” she says in a startlingly accurate description of our minds every day of the year.

Example: You start thinking about how difficult travel will be or of everything that can go wrong. Then your body responds with a sensation, like a heavy, sinking feeling in your belly or a rapid heartbeat—which triggers even more thoughts and emotions, and so on. Each experience sets off another, exacerbating your anxiety. (Okay, so Jamie’s a wellness expert/mind-reader, cool.) Here’s how to deal.

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