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PSA: Airfare To Iceland Is $220 Roundtrip This Summer

More than likely you’ve seen this destination pop up on your Instagram feed at least once over the last year or so. Maybe it’s was a shot of someone bundled up on a glacier surrounded by epic scenery, both desolate and stunning. Maybe it was a friend exploring the country’s most well-known destination, the city of Reykjavik, which also happens to be the northernmost capital in the world. Or perhaps it was a Kardashian, wrapped head-to-toe in fur or looking glamorous while soaking in the Blue Lagoon. Regardless there is no denying that Iceland, a country settled by the Vikings in the late ninth century, is—excuse the irony here—hot, hot, hot. It’s been so buzzed about, we just had to explore this beautiful, sparsely populated country (a little more than 300,000 people call it home) for ourselves to find out what all the fuss and Instagramming was about. Click through to find out why Iceland should be moved to the top of your must-visit destination list, especially since roundtrip airfare will be $220 this summer on WOW airline. As an added incentive, Iceland just became the first country to mandate that employers prove pay equity for women—making it a place especially worthy of our financial support.

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