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7 Of The World’s Coolest Bohemian Enclaves

There’s something so romantic about a place and time in which collectives of artists come together to share an unorthodox way of life. Paris in the ’20s, for example, is one to which we’d most readily time travel, should that technology ever become available. (Our first choice would be the future, obviously, when women rule and men are the ones objectified on billboards and forced to do things like wear makeup and Spanx.) While it may seem that no modern-day bohemian enclave exists to rival the one where Hemingway, Picasso, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Dalí, Man Ray and the like rubbed elbows regularly, there will always be artistic pockets of the world, some of which history may eventually reveal to have been just as rich. Here, seven such neighborhoods, towns and cities we think are worth visiting right now.

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