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This Is The Best Way To Reset For Spring

Adam Katz Sinding

If you’re not a millennial, odds are you’re tired of every brand out there speaking only to the younger generation. The Reset founder Maria Peevey, likewise frustrated by the singular focus on this specific demo, launched a website to help women (you guessed it) simply reset. Her team describes their mission as follows: “We brought The Reset to life because we wanted a place that made us feel good, celebrated who we are and offered an authentic point of view that we related to. We also wanted a wardrobe that made sense to wear. We were tired of chasing trends and styles that looked bad, clogged our closets and cost too much. So we created R|Label, a simple line of clothes that’s easy to wear, flattering and affordable.”

While we eagerly await R|Label’s release in May, we can enjoy the content the Reset team is already creating. Check out the Morning Mirror section for uplifting affirmations you’ll want to share with friends, alongside stories that pose relatable questions such as “Why did my perfect, upright, smooth and symmetrically proportioned ass desert me?” If you’re no longer living with roommates or working your first startup job and have a little more life experience under your belt, we highly suggest you check out The Reset ASAP and sign up for the newsletter for some daily real talk.

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