Obsessed: Elle Sasson’s LA-Inspired Collection

+ An Exclusive Interview With The Up-And-Coming Designer

Elle Sasson Spring 2014 Collection.

Seeking a chic spring update to your existing wardrobe? Look no further than the latest designer on our radar, Elle Sasson. Elle’s namesake line features ultra-cool cuts with a feminine, California-inspired twist we’re dying to get our hands on.

Not only do we adore her ready to wear line, Elle’s success is pretty inspiring, too! Her residency in Hong Kong teamed with tips from her father (who is also in the industry), among years of hard work and determination contribute to young Elle’s triumph as a fashion designer. Keep an eye on her work and check out our exclusive interview with Elle here—we’re expecting big things from this up-and-comer!

Meet Elle Sasson

Photo Courtesy: Elle Sasson.
Silk Mixed Print Dress, $825

Her Inspiration

"My spring collection was inspired by a trip to Los Angeles. Coming from Hong Kong, which is quite opposite, I felt very relaxed in LA.  One day I came across Ed Ruscha's palm tree series. I found it very inspiring and everything came together pretty quickly."

Elle Top, $245; Embroidered Skirt, $755

Who She Designs For

"I design for a version of myself.  At this point I’m at work all the time, so for day time I dress very casual....usually jeans and a t-shirt, but I wouldn't design something  that I couldn’t see myself wearing."

Silk Embroidered Dress, $1345

Challenges Of The Industry

"This is my first experience of running a business, and though I am facing a different challenge everyday, I am very grateful for them because each challenge is another stepping stone toward creating a successful business."

Barry Dress, $595

On Growing The Brand

"First, I plan to have my site fully up and running soon, so I'll be able to sell directly to customers online.  I am also planning to expand into the denim category and  grow my offering of knitwear."

Maurice Printed Top, $365; Brook Leggings, $395

Her Father Inspires Her

"I've learned a lot from my father over the years and have drawn constant inspiration from him as well, but I think the most important thing he tells me almost every day is to stay true to what I believe in, design with love and to enjoy the process of designing."

Sonny Chambray Dress, $425

She's Always Loved Fashion

"Since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to work in fashion.  It's something that I would always talk to my father about at home.  I didn’t plan to start so quickly on my own, but it just happened that way.  Getting to work side by side with my father has been an amazing opportunity to learn and for that I am very grateful."

Betty Sleeveless Shirtdress, $595

Her Advice For Young Women Interested In The Industry

"You must be 100% sure you want your work to be your life and if you are, go for it with everything you have!!"

Palm Embroidered Dress, $865

How Elle Styles Her Spring Collection

"My spring collection has lots of embellishments and colorful embroideries, so I would keep it simple but still have fun. Throw on a pair of sandals and some beaded colorful bracelets (Shashi style), maybe with a wide brim hat and big sunglasses. Some fringe could also be fun!"

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