Women of Style: Lily Aldridge

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Rockstar wife, top model and all around lovely person Lily Aldridge has cool factor in spades. With Victoria’s Secret, Proactiv+ and Velvet partnerships in the mix, she’s also shaping up to be a serious business woman and a bonafide household name. Get to know the incredibly stunning, girl-to-watch in today’s Women of Style interview.


Photo: @lilyaldridge

Growing Up in California

"The weather here is unbeatable! I travel a lot and I love coming home to such a beautiful place."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

Her First Job

"My first job was working at a record label. I was responsible for putting CDs into envelopes! It makes me smile, looking back at it."

Photo: @carolynmurphy.

Her Role Model

"Carolyn Murphy has always been a great role model to me. She is elegant, beautiful and kind."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

The Best Career Advice She's Ever Received

"To treat modeling like a job, not a lifestyle."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

Life as a Victoria's Secret Model

"Being a VS Angel is the greatest job in the world. I feel so blessed to work for them! I don't think people realize how much we travel. I feel like I live on an airplane!"


Proactiv+ 3-Step Kit, $30.

Her Skincare Essentials

"Proactiv+ has been amazing for my skin; I swear by the 3-Step System. With all of my traveling, I am so thankful to have these products! The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is another favorite. I wear so much makeup for work and this product helps keep my skin fresh and clear."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

How She Gives Back

"Working with St Jude is so important to me. Giving back is what truly makes me happy! Anything that helps children, whether it is surrounding sickness, hunger, education - you can’t help but want to be involved."

Lily wearing Chanel. Photo: Getty Images.

On Her Fall Fashion Wishlist

"A Chanel purse to make every outfit just a little bit more stylish!"

Lily in the Lily Aldridge for Velvet spring 2014 lookbook. Photo:

What She Wears to Her Husband's Concerts

"I love a great tank top from my clothing collection, Lily Aldridge for Velvet, skinny leather pants and a sexy pair of heels."

Her Fashion Industry Crush

"I will always love Kate Moss for her cool demeanor and pitch-perfect rock 'n' roll style."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

How She Finds Balance

"Taking time for myself allows me to do my job better and be a better mother, wife and girl friend."

Photo: @lilyaldridge.

What She Will Teach Her Daughter About Fashion

"To have fun with clothes, be herself and not care what other people think."

Lily documents her dinner at Adele's in Nashville. Photo: @lilyaldridge.

3 Things Most People Don't Know About Lily

1. "I'm a huge foodie."

2. "I love Star Wars."

3. "My father is English."

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