The 10 Most Epic Super Bowl Halftime Shows Of All Time

Prior to the 1990s, Super Bowl halftime shows looked a lot like a high school football halftime shows–picture marching bands, twirlers, and the like. Then, some marketing genius realized they could get all of the people who don’t care about football watching the event by creating halftime spectacles featuring pop stars and legends. Since that revelation, halftime shows have been successfully awesome about fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent, well, give those of us who couldn’t even tell you who played in the game something to talk about the next day (other than the commercials). In anticipation of this year’s halftime event featuring Coldplay, Beyonce, and others–which we assume will actually be one of the winners because, Bey–here is a retrospective of the Super Bowl’s biggest hits and misses at halftime.  

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