Louise Roe Shows You How To Support This Amazing Cause

As a journalist and TV presenter, Louise Roe knows a few things about women’s empowerment. She built her widely successful style career while serving up the latest chicspiration on her blog, Front Roe, and released a book centered on her expertise as a leading lady in the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that Louise teamed up with our very own Box of Style and Stella Artois to bring attention to a problem that disproportionately affects women. With 663 million people around the world lacking access to safe water, the global water crisis compels women to spend millions of hours a day collecting water for their families. Stella Artois partnered with aiming to put an end to this crisis: With every purchase of a Stella Artois Limited-Edition Chalice, the Belgian brewery will help provide five years of clean water for one person in the developing world. Each chalice is only $13 and you even get to choose from three designs from artists in Brazil, Uganda and Cambodia. Here, Louise explains the reason she supports the Buy A Lady A Drink cause and why you should, too.

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