I Get My Style Inspo From Toddlers On Instagram

One day, not too long ago, I apologized to Rachel (Zoe, our editor in chief) for the way I was dressed for a meeting. She responded, “No worries, you look like my kids.” Hmm, I thought, as this wasn’t the first time I’d been accused of dressing like a toddler. My brother recently sent me a picture of my three-year-old niece, and when I showed it to my best friend, she responded, “You have that outfit!” A vintage fanatic with no loyalty to any particular trend set or era, I always thought I dressed like an eccentric grandma. However, upon further reflection sparked by both of these incidents, I realized that the looks I save on Instagram most frequently belong to children under the age of five, which makes me sound creepy and sad but is also the cold, hard truth. Here, 11 such toddlers and the many ways in which they inspire my style.

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