Here’s A Solid Financial Reason To Justify Buying A Chanel Bag

Chanel Flap Bag
Getty Images

We could wax poetic about the virtues of a classic Chanel bag all day long, and chances are, so could you. The buttery quilted leather, the signature make-every-outfit-look-more-expensive chain strap, the super fly golden double C’s—outside of talking about diamonds, this is our favorite topic of conversation when we need a break from real life and a reason to daydream. So when trending news reported Chanel bags have increased in value over 70 percent in the last six years, two things happened in our office. The editors who have scored a bag sat back and relished in a winning fashion investment—ahhh, that was a wise decision. Those who have not bucked up for a classic flap bag (otherwise known as the 2.55), now have a very good reason to throw down some cash and start scouring eBay. Read here to see all the stats that support why buying a Chanel bag is a more sound investment that buying real estate!

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