Is This The New Ear-Climber Trend?

gigi hadid ear suspender zoom
Getty Images

From cuffs to jackets to crawlers, innovative earrings have definitely had their moment among the style set. But, as with most looks, certain trends fade as the It crowd ushers in a new wave of cool. The latest jewelry craze? Suspender earrings. Recently worn by celebrities and influencers alike (Gigi Hadid, Anna Kendrick and Miranda Kerr, to name a few) the hook-shaped style by Smith + Mara offers a fresh take on the climber trend, but with the subtlety of a delicate hoop or stud (it’s worn on the lobe but loops over it toward the inner ear). Craving more drama? The jeweler also offers a spiral style that creates the illusion of two earrings sans multiple piercings (as a twist on the classic stud), while multi-pierce threaders work for those who do. Here, shop our picks from Smith + Mara’s ingenious collection—all guaranteed to (ear)ring in the compliments.

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