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The Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List Will Seriously Surprise You This Year

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With New York Fashion Week top of mind, most of us have been scouring the internet for the past 24 hours, gleaning all the runway inspo we can get our hands, er, eyes, on. That is, until Vanity Fair released its 2017 International Best-Dressed List. In an instant those catwalks turned dusty as we set our sights on the most stylish humans on earth. While some of the honorees come as no surprise thanks to their general fierceness (i.e., Solange, Zoë Kravitz, the Obamas and Harry Styles), some were quite the curveball (Jaden Smith, weren’t you just born?). See a few of our fave heavy hitters below and check out VF’s site for a complete list of this year’s honorees.

2017 Women 

Solange Knowles



2017 Men

Harry Styles

Justin Trudeau


2017 Couples 

Barack and Michelle Obama


2017 Hollywood 

Cate Blanchett

Zoë Kravitz

Ruth Negga

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