Get Your Leather (Jacket) On

Q&A With Simone Collection Designer Katie Nehra

A great leather jacket is a cornerstone in your wardrobe. Today, we talk to Katie Nehra, aka, the leather jacket guru behind the Simone Collection, to get her tips on how to best style the versatile piece.



Why should every girl own a leather jacket?
“Because leather jackets can go with anything.”

Simone Collection Jackets by Katie Nehra.

With so many leather jacket options out there, what are your tips for choosing the best one?
“I think the best tip to finding a leather jacket is finding what fits your body best. Obviously, everyone has a different body type; fit is the most important thing.”

Is there one fit that you find most universally flattering?
“I definitely think the cropped jacket (from her collection) is what people seem to like.”

Which leather jacket from your collection is your absolute favorite?
“The long moto jacket with a belt.”

Long Moto Jacket, $1435

What is the best way to style a leather jacket for summer vs fall?
“The great thing about a leather jacket is for summer, you can wear it with cut-off jean shorts or over a short dress, and then for fall, you can throw it on over an evening gown. You can really wear a leather jacket with anything.”

Which fall trend goes great with a leather jacket?
“Everything this fall is very ’90s, so I think a jacket is a great complement to any grunge look.”

R13 Flannel Shirt ($395), Topshop Ripped Jeans ($110) and Nine West Buckle Boots ($169).

What accessories do you like to wear with a leather jacket?
“I think a leather jacket you could wear with messy hair or diamonds—or messy hair and diamonds. A diamond choker, plus a leather jacket and you’re good to go.”

Elizabeth Cole Statement Necklace ($1150) and Bumble and bumble (Un)dressing Creme ($28)

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