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These 5 French Brands Are Perfect For Summer

We’re never not striving to be French. For summer, even more so—hello, basket bags, boater hats and breezy wrap dresses! As bona fide Francophile’s, we’ve got a few things down pat when it comes to emulating Parisian style, but more than emulate, we’re stepping it up with actual French brands to amplify our look.

Here, we’re spotlighting five fresh French labels with offerings that are perfect for summer—a little enchanté of sorts to help you get familiar. Chances are these brands are responsible for many of the cute tops, flouncy dresses and woven bags you’ve spotted all over your Instagram feed, though many of them have a hard time keeping things in stock. So, when shopping our edit, act fast. Or as they say in French, Vite! vite!

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