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What Our Fashion Editor Is Gifting Everyone On Her List

Giving gifts is one of my favorite aspects of the holiday season. As a fashion editor, my family and friends often look to me for style advice or info on the latest and greatest thing. More than dolling out advice, I love the thrill of seeing my loved ones unwrap items that I’ve astutely selected for them—I beam with excitement and wiggle in my seat waiting for their reaction. I’m often spot on, which makes me exceedingly happy. That’s the spirit of giving, right?

I put great thought into gifts despite waiting until the last minute to purchase said presents—a classic hurried shopper. This year, my list has grown as my modern family has expanded and more amazing friends have come into my life. Which means I’ve had to plan a bit more.

Here, see my curated list of gifts perfectly suited for my favorite people. I’m certain you, too, have a luxe-loving family member, beauty-obsessed friend, fitness fanatic or culinary enthusiast in your life who will be more than thrilled by one or more of these gifts. Get inspired.

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