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Get Ready To See This New Label On Every It Girl Imaginable

While there’s no such thing as an overnight success, LPA comes exceptionally close. The new LA-based clothing line officially launches today, but has been quietly building a tenacious buzz on social media thanks to sightings on the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Kim K’s right-hand woman, Steph Shep. So who’s behind this already-Insta-famous brand? Former Reformation designer and girl-about-town Pia Arrobio, who’s sought to create a debut collection of street-wise, easy-to-wear pieces that don’t sacrifice femininity. Effortlessly cool and a little bit gritty, the line has all the makings for widespread It-girl appeal, and is sure to be spotted on the backs of even more cool kids in no time. We can’t wait to jump into the sumptuous knits, slinky silks and brilliantly patterned pieces come fall—see highlights from the new range here.

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