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The One Item Fashion Editors Won’t Wear To Holiday Parties

When it comes to holiday attire these days, pretty much anything goes. Truly! From denim to leggings, there’s a way to appear festive without looking overly done, if that’s what you’re angling for. Or if you prefer to embrace full-on glamour with a sequined jumpsuit or velvet number, that’s cool too. ‘Tis the season, and honestly, doing you is what’s most important. Which made us wonder—what wouldn’t a fashion editor wear to a holiday party? And what’s her must-have?

We polled Team Zoe to get to the bottom of it. We may collectively agree bandage dresses are passé, but a few other items top our no-go dressing lists as a matter of personal preference (like we said, do you). Also, find out the pieces we’re swapping for. Hint: Sequins are involved. Check them out here.

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