The Zoe Report

The Shopping Trick All Stylish Women Rely On

There are shoppers who can weed through infinite racks of clothing without getting overwhelmed, picking out the perfect piece from a seemingly endless array of options…and then there’s the rest of us. How do they zero in on items that look like they were specially designed for them? The answer is in the details. While most consumers are satisfied with an average denim jacket, true trend-setters gravitate towards the version that boasts both impeccable craftsmanship and something different. Casual browsers ask themselves ‘Does this look good on me?’ but the experienced shopper will take it one step further and also ask ‘Is this special?’ Here, we share 8 pieces with the differentiating factors to look for when curating your spring wardrobe to ensure your style looks effortless, elevated, and most of all, unique to you.

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