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Target Is Changing Forever, Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re like us, you probably grew up in a Target store and can list the retailer’s major labels by memory. Well, some of those beloved lines we all wore at some point will now be phased out of the retailer’s lineup: Merona, Mossimo and Cherokee to name a few. Yep, according The Wall Street Journal, Target will officially bid adieu to some of its staple brands as a means to address a “huge opportunity to create a unique personality and own-able, differentiated point of view.” Meaning it will introduce 12 brand-spankin’-new clothing, accessories and home decor labels. While not all have been officially announced just yet, we do know of four that will be hitting stores in September: women’s line A New Day, men’s line Goodfellow & Co., athleisure collection JoyLab and home decor line Project 62.

As for those recently axed? Cherokee has already been removed, but Merona and Mossimo have yet to be phased out.

Instead of awkwardly hanging in this state of limbo, we decided to proactively rev ourselves up for the new offerings by a) scoping out the goods and b) shopping the retailer’s summer must-haves that are ready for the taking. How’s that for glass half full thinking?

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