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What Smart Girls Buy (And Don’t Buy) On Black Friday

While many see the consumption of turkey and endless carbs as a national tradition with the sole purpose of bonding and filling one with gratitude, we fashion girls know there’s more to this epic meal than just thankfulness. We also like to see it as prep for another holiday long treasured: Black Friday. Yes, arguably the biggest shopping event of the year, this day allows us to indulge in truly insane deals. So, mashed potatoes and stuffing deliver energy for the retail marathon we’ve spent 12 months planning.

If it seems like we’ve got Black Friday down to a science, we do. After many a successful (and failed) BF experience, we’ve picked up a tip or two. We’ve learned the deals that are truly worth jumping on, and those that aren’t worth our hard-earned money (no matter how low those prices go). So before you add to cart, take a look at our list of the five things we’re buying (and not buying) this Black Friday.

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