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I Took A Photo Of My Outfit Every Day For A Year, And This Is What I Learned

A few things you should know about me: First, I’m not that obsessed with myself. Second, I am obsessed with clothes and always have been. Finally, while I’ve come to love Instagram, I’ve never dedicated myself to being a full-time ‘grammer (I blame this mostly on my lack of a reliable Instagram husband). Fashion and social media have always felt like the most relevant forms of self-expression and identity to me, so I’ve chosen to embrace them. Naturally, I was intrigued when Instagram Stories first launched. It quickly became apparent it was a more authentic, behind-the-scenes glimpse into what friends and influencers are up to without that overly curated feel of Instagram feeds. A picture didn’t have to be perfect to be posted in a Story, but it still told one—what you were doing, eating or wearing.

One day, around the time of the launch, I happened to really like my outfit and the new shoes I was wearing. I also happened to have just moved into a new apartment with a big closet mirror, stark white walls and great natural lighting. Taking it all in, I gave myself one last glance before heading off to work and, on impulse, I swiped open my app, snapped a quick picture and ran out the door. I hadn’t planned to share it publicly—and maybe it was the exhaustion from moving that made me decide it was okay—but I did. My #MirrorPic was born.

 Homepage Image: @chiaraferragni


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