Reinvent Your Old Jeans With The Latest Street Style Trends

Do you have a growing mountain of unworn denim in your closet? Us too. Whether they’ve been relegated to timeout because they’re too long, the wash is too dated or they’re just no longer exciting, resurrect them this weekend with 4 DIY projects—all inspired by the latest street-style trends. We guarantee you’ll fall back in love in no time.

Let us know how your jeans turned out in the comments below!

  • Tamara Gough

    Terrible is all I can say to 3 of the 4 looks that you call ‘updates’. The 4th idea isnt much better. The first 3 all scream ‘I’m lazy as hell. I haven’t figured out that maybe I should just go give them to a shelter or give them to someone that needs some new pants so let me just ruin them and call them updates’.’ The fringed pair have a look of curtains at the bottom (maybe so people can’t see my ankles??), the frayed pair (I’m too lazy to cut the fringe off and besides I’m a slob anyways), the painted look (I took the pants from some of my workers that painted the interior of my house) and the last, ok, a little inhaled breath from me, takes work to do but a person only 6 foot can wear these. Maybe now that gives me a reason to buy the 4 inch new heels.

  • Objectiveopinion

    Love the first pair with fringe. Seriously, how do you get long fringe like that?

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