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6 Style Secrets All French Girls Know

No matter how chic you think you are, it’s a sure bet your Parisian counterpart has one up on you. We have found the perfect ballet flats, equally mastered the art of the blazer and the leather jacket, and yet still can’t quite capture that je ne sais quoi that all stylish French girls exude. The secret is, though, that they’ve bottled up the magic of the classics. As trends come and go (and French girls surely dabble in the most daring of runway creations just like the rest of us), they always return to those wardrobe essentials that make everything seem so effortless. So, it’s time we start doing the same.

We’ve rounded up the six style secrets that all French girls know to be true. And now, so do you. So stock up on these Parisian loves and you’ll be mistaken for the most fashionable of Gallic girls in no time.

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