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Yes, I Wore Leggings To Work For 5 Days Straight

To be frank, I have a love-hate relationship with leggings. I adore them because they’re undeniably comfortable and feel like second skin, but they’re hard to wear when I’m not traveling, running errands or working out (a rare occurrence, may I add). Their body-skimming silhouette shows every curve, which doesn’t make them the most appropriate piece to wear to the office. However, because they’re such a major essential in every woman’s wardrobe—especially for fall—I thought I’d take my own advice of elevating the casual staple and making them work-appropriate.

Thus, I tackled the challenge of wearing leggings for a week to the office, which I took on out of curiosity, despite some initial hesitation. Important sartorial lessons I’ve learned? Well, never underestimate how polished they can look (as many colleagues didn’t even notice that I was wearing leggings). Second, the trick is teaming them with various proportions and lengths to cover areas you want to conceal for a streamlined result. Ahead, see how I donned these stretchy pants (successfully) from 9-to-5.

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