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None Of My Jeans Fit Me, But This $0 Hack Changed It All

I’m not the tallest, but I’m no shrimp either. At five four, I’m on the precipice of petite status but usually stick to regular sizes. A battle I consistently face, however, is finding well-fitting jeans, specifically of the cropped variety. The hem always hits below my ankle (if not several inches past)—a look that makes my legs appear far shorter than they are. I should mention that I find tailored hems on denim to be insufferable and shudder at the sight of rolled cuffs on my body shape, so those options are out. It wasn’t until recently that a friend and fellow editor imparted some wisdom that has utterly transformed my denim wardrobe—and the trick costs nothing to pull off. All it takes is a pair of scissors to cut my favorite jeans to my desired length (as a woman with athletic-shaped legs, I find straight legs and flares most flattering) and the ability to slam said pair against the floor with a reasonable amount of vigor (which I can most definitely do—I work out). The result? A perfectly raw edge that appears as though the designer planned it all along. Sure, the unfinished effect is experiencing a spike in popularity that will eventually fade, but frankly, I don’t care. For me, the triumph of exposed ankles and leaner-looking legs is all I need. It works for my body type and imbues total confidence—and that’s what style is all about. Give it a try! And shop my denim picks at every price point.

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