The Zoe Report

This Simple Styling Trick Will Amp Up Your Winter Wardrobe

We can guarantee one of the most common thoughts that races through every woman’s (or individual’s, for that matter) mind is, What the heck should I wear? We often find ourselves blankly staring at our closet trying to compile an outfit we’re actually excited about. That’s why we’re lending weekly inspiration with stylish ensembles that will step up your sartorial game.

This week, shake up your look by layering separates for an ultra-chic result. Take winter whites, for example. We’re obsessed with the monochrome pairing, but it can read stark, so texture is important. Thus, we’ll choose an ivory ribbed knit and tapered pants for head-to-toe elegance. For a night out, we’re teaming a feminine jumpsuit with a fuzzy coat for ultimate glamour. The turtleneck-and-dress pairing is a solid option, but we’re elevating it with sparkle and stripes. Ahead, everything you need.

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