The Zoe Report

What To Wear To Work (And Beyond) This Week

We can guarantee one of the most common thoughts that races through every woman’s mind is—what the heck do I wear? More often than not we find ourselves blankly staring at our closets trying to compile an outfit (that doesn’t involve jeans and a tee) we’ll be excited to don. Because we know the struggle all too well, we’re lending inspiration via weekly ideas on stylish ensembles to help step up your sartorial game.

This week, we encourage you to start the new year strong by walking into the office in a super-chic getup that’s polished and still comfortable (because you’re still adjusting to the 9 to 5 grind, right?). Need an off-duty look for running errands? We’ve got you. Want to shake up your usual all-black head-to-toe for a weekend outing? Hint: Retain NYE sparkles. Read on for our tips and kick off 2018 in style.

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